Monday, 6 July 2015

Why it’s Time you Chose the Magento Store Manager

When you want to choose an ecommerce store you always want to go for the one that guarantees you ease of use, responsiveness and security. Ease of use is emphasised because that is on top of the mind of every user when he uses a particular app. Magento guarantees this to you but you need to have a complete understanding of all its functionalities coupled with solid programming skills. (if you’re developing the application yourself)

Magento does have a lot of extensions that simplify the job for you but can you pay for all of them? This is obviously doesn't seem a very sensible option. So what’s the way out? Magento store manager, of course.

The Store Manager

Magento store manager is a windows-based software that makes administration of your online store very

easy. What the Magento store manager does is, it simplifies a lot of the tasks that you find difficult. Whether it is handling your items, organising them in a single category, adding and editing product attributes, or order management, Magento store manager does the job in seconds.

What’s the Advantage?

The real benefit with the store manager is that it doesn't require you to have any knowledge of programming whatsoever. Just a basic knowledge of computers would do. The installation being quick and easy, all you need to do is to buy the license.

Order Management in the Store Manager

With the product and category management sections, you can create, change and delete products and categories (through which you can modify existing labels and create new ones).This, along with customer management helps you get all the details of a customer in one spot.

But where the store manager scores really high is on the order management front. It lets you arrange all

orders, by date or by the customer name or by the category of goods that were bought, and export them neatly to a .CSV file. You can also filter the orders by any attribute or time period and the store manager would give you a neat excel report.

With the store manager, you get a device that truly takes Magento to the uninitiated, stripping Magento of all its complexity and giving businesses and customers just what they need. Not only do you save time and energy in the process, you also enjoy the whole process of building a fully customized ecommerce website!

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